Finding My Voice


Blogging is new to me

Well, sort of. I’ve been blogging for a little while now on AgentGenius as a contributor. But that’s a blogging community so that isn’t totally my responsibility. And I have been “practicing”on Blogger with a fledgling effort called MovePhilly, but I really wasn’t sure what I was doing there.  I felt like there should be a purpose to the blog. Some need to communicate on my part or some perceived need by the potential readership.

I knew what I was doing on AgentGenius. It’s an Industry Blog. The readers (I felt) were mostly real estate professionals or members of related industries who spoke to each other about the issues and concerns they had about their jobs, their professions, technology, Social Media, and the real estate market. Some of the writers are agents and they write about the tools of the trade. Some provide tips and techniques. Some writers have backgrounds in mortgage or technology, so they write about new applications and economic issues. And all of them have blogs of their own.

Why Do We Blog?

So when I started writing there I would link back to other people’s blogs to see what they wrote about. Jim Duncanwrites about Charlottesville, VA where he works and lives, adding industry commentary as he wishes. Jay Thompson plots to take over the Universe one step at a time by selling real estate in Phoenix where he works. Chris Griffith writes about whatever please her in Florida, and Ines Hedegus-Garcia writes about La Vida Loca in her Miamism blog. The business purpose of these blogs are obvious. To create a voice to be heard by their potential customer base, allowing consumers to learn about them in a non-threatening manner, while increasing their visibility to the on-line consumer.

What is not so obvious, until you read them for a while or follow them on Twitter is that they are also finding creative self-expression in this “business” tool. Teresa Boardman is well known for her photographic efforts chronicling life and community in St. Paul Minnesota. Chris Griffith is clicking away in Florida, with some outstanding results. People write about things that are important to them, or puzzle them , or new finds that they want to share with their professional community. But one and all, they have found clear and compelling voices to express themselves.

So What is my voice?

Me, I run a company. While I like home buyers and sellers, and want to provide good information to them, my interests are more about the real estate industry. I’m passionate about being a REALTOR. I love buying and selling real estate. I love teaching and coaching. I love testifying in court (yes I’m an expert witness) or consulting about industry trends.  And I love technology and toys. So I think that’s what I’m going to talk about here. I think, that in doing that, I just might find my voice.

Stick around and let me know if you think I found it.

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