I’m Going to Inman Connect

Beer with Bloggers

Photo Courtesy of ResPres and Creativecommons.org

For years I have avoided going to Inman Connect. I go to Century 21’s International Convention. I attend two NAR meetings , and several committee meetings. I attend REOMAC conferences because I am a member, and I generally have two brainstorming group meetings a year. Its a lot of travelling, and they’re often scheduled close to each other, making it tough to get to all of them.

So I figured that Inman, which is run by a private company, dedicated to technology that I get sold all year round, was a place I could skip.

Then I started blogging, and going on friendfeed, and facebook, and plurk, and worst of all Twitter.  So know I have to go to meet, in real life, the people who have conversed with me taught me, fought with me, and agreed with me. And maybe I’ll spend some time at the conference too…

See you in San Francisco

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