Learning about the iPad and RebarCamp Orlando

I am at the Rosen Shingle Resort attending ReBarCamp Orlando. If you’re in the real estate industry you may be familiar with Rebarcamps. They are peer to peer opportunities for learning and sharing.

On my Facebook profile I mentioned that I was going to be there, and someone wanted to know what applications there were to justify the purchase of an iPad by a real estate professional. So, being as shy as i normally am, i have decided to lead a conversation about that. Part of that thought process led me to research some tools that I might use on the  iPad , and I came up with the blogging app I am using to write this post. It’s not a full featured blog editor, but it seems pretty easy to use. In fact it’s so easy I bought the full version for $1.99 so I could edit an existing post.

Once again it seems like I’m about to learn something at Rebarcamp. Thanks Guys!

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