Staying Agile in the Web

I just got the email you see here –
I was really disappointed. First I had to adjust to Yahoo’s purchase of Delicious,com – and the idea that my hundreds of bookmarks were going to go away, and then I got the email below.

I like Etacts – it was a simple easy add on to Gmail that allowed me to see the social connections of my correspondents, a list of our emails, and most importantly for me, sending an email allowed me to schedule a follow up reminder for that contact. Pretty simple, but really useful. Now that I know that they’re going away, I have re-installed Rapportive – a program which is similar but without the reminder.

To adjust to the loss of Delicious,  I exported by bookmarks from Delicious to, where I am writing this post . Though I loved Delicious, I am learning to enjoy Diigo, which has some functionality that Delicious didn’t have, like highlighting, clipping parts of web sits, saving graphics, and, of course, posting to your own blog from within the Diigo site.

I constantly remind people that the web is ever changing always shifting environment, and I am always prepared, as in these cases, to fold my tent, pack my bags, and move on to a place where my needs will be met. I hope you are too.

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