We’re Being Showcased!

Photo Courtesy of Shapeshift at Creativecommons.org

Since you’re reading this you know we’re committed to being on-line as a company.
We Blog, we twitter (follow me @billLublin or this blog @c21agvoices), we maintain the “normal” websites for people to look for properties, we publish our listings to century21.com, and we syndicate our listings to over a dozen other websites. And we have to be on Realtor.com

I was never a big fan of Realtor.com, but you sort of have to be there to make sellers happy. We monitor the sources of inquiries, and people don’t visit us very frequently from there. And, its the most expensive internet site we participate in, I imagine you can understand why I felt the way I felt about the program. Most people in our industry who are tech savvy aren’t big fans of Realtor.com, but as part of a local Century 21 Broker Council Initiative, we decided to participate.

And imagine my surprise when I found out that we are actually getting better traffic then we had been getting for years. I hate Realtor.com’s pricing structure. I hate the fact that the company is confused with NAR, though it is a separate company. But with the additional photos, and the logo on the search page, we’re increasing the ROI considerably, and I’m learning to be more tolerant.

Obviously we’re experiencing the impact of the consumer’s preference for multiple photos, and perhaps that’s the sum and total of it, but I would be interested to hear of anyone else’s experiences with this particular venue – What works and doesn’t work for you.

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