What Feeds Your Blog?

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There are lots of directions that real estate professionals take in their blogging efforts. And even more conversation in the blogosphere about blogging. It may be a narcissistic trend. Or maybe we just want others to validate our direction or the business benefit of this , as yet unquantified activity. But I think that many bloggers are driven by a desire to write and create, and mirroring that desire to write is a desire to be read. Without readers, we are merely individuals standing on a rocky shore yelling out into the void. But how do we find those readers?

There are so many different blogs. The Hyper-Local Blog, The News Blogs. The OP Ed type of Blog. The Introspective Blog. The Photo Blog and its brother the Video Blog (VLOG). The Political Blog. And the Hobby Blog. I picture each of them like little pets, each with a different cartoony type of head indicating their Genus, and all needing different care and feeding. And we, the writers have to feed them frequently.

Some people are so prolific, they can write, take photos, make videos, blog, and twitter with one hand while running their business with the other. Hopefully they aren’t driving, talking on their cell phone and drinking their Latte at the same time. But most of us need time to construct our posts, find material that isn’t being pushed out at the same time from everyone else’s Blogs, and try to make a coherent point in our writing posting (the change is recognition of those who post awesome video or photo content like Daniel Rothamel or Teresa Boardman or Chris Griffith ) I get stressed when I can;t write regularly because I need to actually be in the real estate business instead of writing about the real estate business.

Lani Anglin-Rosales, the Queen of Social Media recently wrote a product review on AgentGenius about an interesting service called Bring the Blog which provides pre-written content for bloggers or allows them to create a blog on their service, using their content. Licensees can modify the content or just reprint it. They may credit Bring the Blog or they can claim authorship.

As I pondered the product, I came to a couple of conclusions. As a writer, I know that its always easier to edit then it is to write. I also know that when I read something of interest, the immediate press of business may pull me away from my writing, taking so long that when I do get around to writing about the topic, I no longer feel its timely.  I also thought that this might be a great supplement for a single author blog, and might generate more interest in following the original postings, by providing a more varied fare for potential readers.  It also occurred to me that these posts might generate new and different posts because of their subject matter. A factual economic report for example could generate a post about the impact of that on the local neighborhood or town.

As we write, we are often captives of our own minds, seeing only the point of view that is visible from our current position. In addition, it would strike me that the author of the post is less important to the reader then the content, and then possibly the owner of the Blog.  I see a wide variety of posts on AgentGenius and other multi-author Blogs, which I think are more engaging to the reader, and provide more interaction and comments.  But I think I fed this blog enough today, its probably time to take it for a walk now.  

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