Agent Genius Rocks Inman Connect

Hopefully, if you’re reading this post, you read my earlier post from Inman Connect in San Francisco earlier this week. That was sort a neat tech moment, written on my phone, a Treo 755, during the conference in the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

It was just one of several exciting moments for me, starting with meeting Teresa Boardman the minute I walked into REbar Camp to listening to Kris Berg who is as smart and funny as she is pretty, or finally meeting Benn and Lani Rosales.

Add to that days of meeting and listening to bloggers from all over the country like Jonathan Dalton and Jay Thompson from Phoenix, or Kelley Koehler (AKA Housechick) and her husband Chris, or Missy Caulk and Maureen Francis, Andy Kauffman and Vicki Moore .

All of these people have in common a relationship through AgentGenius a national real estate blog started by Benn and Lani. The blog, a family enterprise has been nurtured and grown through their efforts and in a relatively short period of time has become nationally recognized. Earlier this year, I began reading the blog and shortly after, I was invited to start writing. I enjoyed the blog, I found that it was itneresting and diversified. There were articles on business models, ethics, staging, technology, news, and a wide range of topics. There was industry news as well. It was on this blog that the News of the NAR- DOJ settlement was first broken to the real estate community.

Like anyone, I appreciated the writing and the writers at AgentGenius because they were who I was familiar with, and who, I became friendly with over spaces of thousands of miles. And though I didn’t take the quality of writing for granted, I did become accustomed to it.

Today; the following appeared in Inman News;

The Inman Innovator Awards honor forward-thinking technologies, Web services, business models and innovators in online real estate, brokerage and media companies….

The Agent Genius blog took honors as the “Most Innovative Blog.” Agent Genius is a popular multi-author real estate blog that is designed by and for real estate agents. The company features posts about new real estate technologies and business models, as well as discussions of industry topics and trends.

Congratulations to all my fellow geniuses, and especially to Benn and Lani Rosales for their vision and their tireless efforts to build a place worth visiting.

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