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Social Media is not organized. Its organic and exciting, and confusing to most new participants. Real Estate agents and companies know that they should be Blogging, just like they knew they needed a database in the 19990s and their own web site at the start of this century. And like the databases and the web sites, they go  out to get them without a clear idea of what they’re supposed to do with them once they’ve set them up.

Even if they start to read blogs, and get an idea of what they might choose to write about there is still the issue of choosing a platform to start writing. Do they go to ActiveRain or Blogger or WordPress? Do they take the simplest platform or the one that is most flexible? Do they buy an area through a vendor seeling local or city blogsites or do they strike off on their own and take the time to build their brand?  The very variety of choices create additional confusion in the minds of the neophyte, and even the pros like PoppyD  of Agent Genius make mistakes in their strategies (as evidenced in this post on AgentGenius).

Additionally daunting are the issues of analyzing the Blog traffic, understanding the interconnection of various media sharing sites, Social networks, Social Bookmarks, and feed aggregators. And finally, there is the considerable amount of time it takes to create and then upload  consistent profiles , photos, logins and passwords on all of these sites.

So a busy agent do who doesn’t have the time to invest in the set up of the basic social media package seems to be at a substantial disadvantage – at least they are if they haven’t found the services available at BuzzBuilderz , a new company set up by my son Hal and myself.

My son Hal is an actor and  copywriter in Los Angeles who has written a wide variety of web based copy as well as shows and scripts for the entertainment industry, including treatments for Lou Gosset Jr.  A Cum Laude Graduate of Syracuse University, Hal has the insights of youth and the formal training to assist any professional in their entry to the world of Social Media.  Using my experience in social Media, and capitalizing on the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned in moving from Web 1.0 into the world of Web 2.0, we have designed a low cost, high impact method for agents to make ther own transition.

One flat fee entitles a BuzzBuilderz client to a marketing interview which is then used to create appropriate profiles for different sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, along with the shorter profiles needed for other social media sites. The BuzzBuilderz team then registers the client on 40 different interrelated social media sites, posting their photo or avatar, completing their profiles, linking their websites or blog, and setting up the analytics for the client to use.  If the client provides their email list, BuzzBuilderz will also create the core of their Social network on each of these sites.

A quick start manual with ideas on how to maximize the exposure provided by these sites with a minimum of effort, including isdeas on various blog topics completes the program, and the Web 1.0 agent is now the proud owner of a complete Web 2.0 platform, all ready to take out for ride in the new world of social media.

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