Consumer Constructed Brands

consumer constructed brands

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Every real estate agent and broker (probably including myself) at some time in their careers become a legend in their own mind, having found the best company name, or logo, or slogan, or “brand” identity to use.

The truth is, as the statement above indicates that the consumer decides what the positioning of your brand is , no matter how much we believe we shape their perception.

We are long past the days of the Mad Men of Stirling Cooper (AMC’s Emmy nominated show about the salad days of Madison Avenue) where advertising executives felt that when they wanted to know what the public’s opinion was they would tell them. Today’s consumer’s are too savvy and have too much information to be so easily manipulated.

So remember that our job is to respond to the consumer’s needs and desires, and fulfill their expectations, if you want to really have any impact on the consumers you wish to reach.

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