Ready for RETSO?

Its just a week until I will be on stage at RETSO as the Emcee for one of my favorite conference experiences.

Originally titled ReTechSouth, the conference was, unlike others, created by a couple of people in the real estate space who wanted to create a regional real estate technology event. What they actually created was an awful lot more. RETSO has become a national event with speakers flying in from all over the world to participate in what is possibly the most community based and collaborative tech event  in the country.

Part of the reasons the speakers come are the relationships that they have formed with each other. These are doers- people that actually use the tools that they talk about – formulate and execute strategies for their businesses , and want to share them with others in the industry. Let me give you an example. In 2009 I had an online conversation with Rob Hahn and Joe Ferraro that generated into RETSO’s first Cage Match – it was fun, insightful, and filled with energy. Sadly Joe is no longer with us, but this year Rob and I will be on stage with Jay Thompson in a new Cage Match centered around the Syndication controversy which has been raging across the industry and the RE.Net.

RETSO was the site of a lot of firsts for me. The first time I hung out in person with some of the people I was so involved with online. It was the site of Hal’s Triumphant Recreation of the Star Wars Saga . It was where I had my first taste of chocolate bourbon bacon ice cream and sang karaoke until my throat was sore. It was the site of many conversations, business opportunities, and social events that have impacted my life in many ways. It is a place that people want to return to

RETSO is a place where information, conversation and participation collide to create an amazing experience.
RETSO is for doers.
Hope I see you there next week.

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  1. April 5, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    Oh that video of Hal is priceless.  I was so glad to be there & capture it on video.  See you next week!

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