REBAR & Bloggers Connect

Yesterday I got to meet a number of the people that I have been conversing with, arguing with and agreeing with for several months.

In an very limited structure these people gathered together from all over the country to talk about what they do and how they can do it better.

Tagged on to the INMAN Connect Conference (an Industry technology event), this conference was organized by volunteers and run by volunteers who are almost evangelical in their desire to communicate through blogging with each other and with consumers

They were loud and social and funny and as gregarious as a family dinner during the holidays. It was wonderful.

Last night, the same folks were drinking for free for a couple of hours, courtesy of a real estate vendor, and the family dinner degenerated into a college frat party. Loud raucous, and fun, but the conversation didn’t slow for a second. And the veritas found in the vino was that all of the people are as real in their writing as they are their lives.

Today I’m listening to six of the same people talking about content in their blogs. And oddly enough, I find them to have the same message inthis arena, though wearing the expert cloak makes the conversation by nevessity more formal. But they remain true to their personalities and business goals.

So if there is something to take away from this about the process of blogging from these well known bloggers, it might be that blogging brings with the ability to express yourself, and the responsibilty to be yourself while trying to reach your audience.

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