This is Why Brandie Young ROCKS!

Its the middle of a really busy work day, so obviously I need to check out what my friends are doing on Facebook (I am after all an American). And there is the lovely Brandie Young on my live feed Asking

Like this? Want to do something about homelessness in Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans, Providence, and Nashville?

Because that’s really a hard question to say “No” to (and Brandie is the type of woman who just makes you want to say “Yes” to her requests) I clicked on her link and saw the slideshow below – a compelling story I think.

View more presentations from brandieyoung.

Then when I looked even further, I found out that Brandie (who still totally rocks) had built this awesome slide show at the request of Lani Rosales who had aksed a number of people to step up and participate in a unique event. But let me have her tell you about it in her own words from her New Media Labs Blog

PLEASE use one of these slideshows in your own blog:

For the first ever social charity presentation roundup, several people (even some not in Austin!) stepped up to bat to put together various slideshows based on facts provided by Alan Graham of local non profit organization, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, serving the needs of the homeless.

Now I told you Brandie Young ROCKS, and this new information did nothing more than remind me that Lani Rosales also TOTALLY ROCKS.  Makes you feel good to know that two women who are totally adorable and smart, and hot, are also so thoughtful , generous, and gracious… (Dontcha Wish you knew them too?)

Now go out and do something to make them feel good about this..

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